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Reduce your child's screen time and build on sensory skills with easy printable worksheets.

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Ideal for rainy days, or passing time while you wait, long family road and/plane trips or when you need a quick distraction.

Engaging activities​

We aim to integrate fun activities with current social topics that helps expose your child towards a more diverse and inclusive society.

Featured Worksheets

Animal friends at sweet shop picking cakes
Guess the cake
cute animals to match with cakes from sweet shop
Guess the Cake
Word Search-Space-Exploration
Space Word Search
dream plan do text with clouds, stars and rainbow, dream big text with hearts and rainbow
Bookmarks for Dreamers

Seasonal Favorites

spring bingo, baseball, Easter, St. Patrick's day activities
Spring Bingo
USA country flag
USA Flag - Color by Numbers
pool party with spot the difference items
Pool Party - Find the Difference
Earth Day Activity
Mother's Day Activity
father's day activity sheet in black and white with puzzles, maze and matching
Father's Day Activity

Family Games, Trivia Quizzes and Fun Facts

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Olympic torch with runner in sunset with country flags
Olympic Games Quiz 1
Retro tvs with screens switching to Olympic sports
Olympic Games Quiz 2

Holidays Trivia Games

Join the fun with family games during the holidays! Guess the picture or test your knowledge with trivia featuring multiple choice questions and answers. It’s a blast for everyone!

giraffe, statue and dog with party hat, balloon and confetti
Birthday Trivia
Earth in 3D with buildings and tress on a tree bark and most background
Earth Day Trivia

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famous classical composers, Handel, Beethoven and Mozart on background with floating notes
Classical Music Trivia
zebra, dolphin, tiger in natural habitats
Guess the Animal
two young kids pretending to be lions

Test your skills with our fun and challenging riddles and brain teasers! Play online with answers, and come back often as we add new ones.

watercolor of Earth on blue paper background

Let’s celebrate Earth Day and work together to create a better future for our planet! Learn how you can take action to care for our planet!

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