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Parenting Toolkit

rainbow starburst background with cootie catcher activity
Gratitude cootie catcher
35 free things to do in autumn
thanksgiving activities, mazes, word search, find items, tic tac, toe
Thanksgiving activity sheet
Thanksgiving cootie catcher DIY activity for kids, pumpkins, family dinner, harvest, turkey, joke teller
Thanksgiving cootie catcher
Remembrance Day, Veterans Day symbols, dove, poppies, wreath, November 11th calendar, word search
Remembrance word search
healthy food choice placemat with spoon, knife and fork and plate with 5 food groups
5 Healthy food groups - placemat 1
healthy food choice placemat with spoon and chopsticks and plate with 5 food groups
5 Healthy food groups - placemat 2
Thanksgiving activity sheet
emojis, notebook shapes for writing, shooting star and rocket stickers
All about my day
My daily routine
family activity calendar, days of the weeks to fill in
Family activity calendar
Halloween ghost, spider, candy, mummy, iron fence
Halloween activity sheet
dinosaur activity sheet with puzzles and trivia
Dinosaur Activity
Earth Day Activity
line art of Easter items and puzzles for kids
Easter Activity
Father's Day Activity
kids worksheet with a variety of activities like coloring, puzzles, maze, word search
Mother's Day Activity
St. Patrick's Day activity sheet
St. Patrick's Day
Valentine's day activity, puzzles
Valentine's Day
space puzzles, connect the stars, solve mystery world, planet maze
Space Activity
Thanksgiving Activity
winter activities, word search mitten, maze, connect the dots, find items, trivia
Winter Wonderland
Halloween activity with word search, maze, line maze, word scramble, and drawing pumpkin faces with illustration of Halloween monsters, candy, cat and spiders.
Halloween Activity


bookmark tracker
Bookmarks for book lovers
dream plan do text with clouds, stars and rainbow, dream big text with hearts and rainbow
Bookmarks for dreamers
bookmarks for teachers with outlines of speeding up, lightening bolt and abstract art with hearts
Bookmarks for teachers
Pool Party
camping, picnic, railway, tress, BBQ, tiger, dino, starfish
I love camping
Chairs overlooking seaside with out of place items
Summer view

Color by Number

Progress Pride flag outline with coloring number by number key and meaning
Progress Pride Flag
color by number free printable USA flag for kids
USA flag

Cootie Catchers | Fortune Tellers | Joke Teller

Showing gratitude with acts like making a gift, donating toys, giving hugs
Gratitude - Coming Soon
DIY cootie catcher Thanksgiving jokes
Thanksgiving joke teller
cootie catcher, joke teller, folding activity, reindeer, stocking, Santa, Frosty
Christmas Joke Teller

Crossword Puzzles

Line art of gardening items to solve crossword puzzle
Princess themed cross word
Princess 1
Princess themed crossword
Princess 2
Space themed cross word
Space exploration
Gardening themed crossword vegtables
Farm fresh

Decoding Puzzles

New year's celebration puzzle, fireworks, singing, balloons, party, cheers
New Year's decoding
Halloween ghost, spider, candy, mummy, iron fence
Halloween 1
Halloween witch on broom, skull, tombstone, candy corn, candy, lollipop, spider
Halloween 2
school crayon, ruler, video, lunchbox, stapler
Back to school

Matching Games

cute animals to match with cakes from sweet shop
Sweet Shop - Cake 1
sweet shop bakery, match the animal friend to the cake, dog, elephant, bear, cat
Sweet Shop - Cake 2
match travel items with car, bus, motorcycle, plane
Match travel items
Halloween items to match
Match Halloween items
Mother's day items to match, dolphin and babies, tea cup and pot, flower and vase, candy and box
Mother's Day
Line art of Father's Day items to match up
Father's Day
toy stocking, Christmas tree, ornaments, fireplace, bow, bake goods on tray, apron, gift bow
Match Christmas items
Camping items to match
Match camping items
winter sports matching, ski poles, skating, snow board, winter hat, hockey jersey, poles, puck
Match winter sports items
Canada Day items to match
Canada Day
Easter items to match
Match Easter items
Fishing trip items to match
Fishing trip items
Summer beach items to match
Match beach day items
Rugby items to pack on trip
Match rugby items
Football items to pack for game
Match football items
Badminton items to pack for match
Match badminton items
Urban sports items to match
Match urban sports items
Golf items to match
Match golf items

Maze Puzzle

halloween maze, cartoon bats, skulls, cupcake, bones, hard candy, candy apple, candy corn, treater with pumpkin bin
Time to Halloween
maze with jungle vegetation, lost key and treasure chest
Jungle King
maze in lion and shark shape
Animal maze 1
maze puzzle in shape of a dog and cat
Animal maze 1

Spot the Difference | Find the Difference

Luna New Year spot the difference kids activity
Lunar New Year
line art of cute spring animals to find the difference
Easter, Spring

Trivia Fun

guess top speed animals trivia 1
Animals with speed 1
guess top speed animals trivia 2
Animals with speed 2
guess top animal with greater smell trivia
Animals with great smell 3
guess top animal by smell trivia
Animals with great smell 5
polar bear, rhino, spider, ant, lion, elephant, goat, turtle
Animals with strength 4

Word Search

cute animal word search, poodle, pig, elephant, penguin, bear, narwhal, kitty
Cute animals
Easter, Spring
outer space word search, planets, UFO, space shuttle, comet, astronaut
Space exploration
princess wings, hair brush, clip, perfume, swing, chest
Princess heart
Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, poppy, dove, November 11, memorial wreath
Remembrance/ Veterans Day
Camping themed word search
Happiness is camping
Fishing hat, big catch, fishing line, bait, reel, oar
winter word search, snowman, sweater, mittens, scarf, present, skates
Winter holiday
wake-up items word search puzzle
Morning Routine

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