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How we got started

Worksheet Shop was created by a working mom who found it challenging to find free high quality printable worksheets on the web that were both educational and fun.  Worksheets were either too fuzzy, hard to size for home printing, consumed too much toner, or the content was just not engaging enough for kids.

What we did

We wanted to create a resource for parents that’s easy to customize for the individual interests of each child, by simply clicking on easy to print activities with fun themes!

Since the pandemic, parents have heard kids say "I'm bored" six times a day!

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With subjects inspired and tested by her own children of elementary school age, this site is intended to make life easier for parents by addressing the dreaded “I’m bored” line, while going back to the basics of learning.

What we're looking to solve

With virtual learning the new norm and screen time increasing with the advent of new devices, more online learning is not the solution. 

Kids younger and younger are getting access to new technologies with a lot more daily screen time than the generation before.

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How we can help

Paper-based activities help kids connect to the physical world through:

  • touch,
  • developing manual dexterity and fostering imagination through writing,
  • colouring and drawing.

By incorporating learning fundamentals with today’s modern themes, our worksheets offer kids a variety of fun and educational worksheet activities.

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