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Bingo (set of 30 unique cards)

spring bingo, baseball, Easter, St. Patrick's day activities
Spring Bingo
winter bingo, seasonal items in illustrative style
Winter Bingo
autumn bingo
Autumn Bingo


line art of school banner, heart emoji, notebook, crayon, glue, apple with fillable boxes
First day of school poster 1
line art of bee, rainbow, apple, crayon, happy sun with fillable boxes for school
First day of school poster 2
school crayon, ruler, video, lunchbox, stapler
Decoding - Back to school
All about me - US
3rd day of 3rd grade - CA
4th day of 4th grade - CA
3rd day of 3rd grade - US
4th day of 4th grade - US

Learn English | Vocabulary Words for Kids

Learning the ABCs of English


Enjoy time discovering and growing your child’s English vocabulary. Our videos covers a wide range of vocabulary words organized by alphabet from A to Z.



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Farm Vocabulary

Transportation Vocabulary 

Autumn Vocabulary 

Christmas Vocabulary 

Animal Vocabulary – Alphabet A-Z

My Daily Routine Vocabulary

Halloween Vocabulary

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