Charts for Kids

Free Printable Charts for Kids – Plus Free Activity Ideas

Stay organized and make the most of your family time with our free printable charts and calendars. Our collection includes chore charts, feeling charts, activity calendars, and screen time trackers to help you plan your day and stay on track. Download now. Each PDF is toner-friendly and easy to use. Simply click on the image below and print as many as you need.


Printable Chore Chart and Daily Routine for Kids

Are you tired of constantly reminding your kids to do their chores? Look no further than our Chore Chart and Daily Routine Planner! With 35 routines and chores for both morning and evening, this planner is the perfect way to incorporate chores into your child’s daily routine. Designed for kids ages 4-8+, this chart is an excellent tool to help your child develop consistent habits.

emojis, notebook shapes for writing, shooting star and rocket stickers

‘All About My Day’ Emotion Chart For Kids – 6 After-School Questions to Get Your Kids Talking

The “All About My Day” printable is the perfect tool for parents looking to connect with their kids after school. With six conversation prompts covering topics such as emotions and highlights of the day, this printable will help kickstart meaningful conversations and emotional check-ins with your child.


The Best Sticker Chart for Kids – ‘Screen-Time Tracker’ Printable

Reduce your child’s screen time with this easy-to-use free Screen Time Tracker. With a simple chart design, your child can easily track their screen time and add stickers when they meet their goals. This free printable is perfect for parents looking to limit their child’s screen time without the stress and hassle.

healthy food choice placemat with spoon, knife and fork and plate with 5 food groups

Food Group Plate – Introduce Your Kids to Healthy Eating Habits

Want to teach your kids about the importance of a balanced diet and the benefits of eating a variety of healthy foods? Our food group plate is the perfect tool for the job! With 2 designs to choose from, your kids can cut, color, and paste over 90 food options from the 5 food groups, making healthy eating fun.

healthy food choice placemat with spoon and chopsticks and plate with 5 food groups
family activity calendar, days of the weeks to fill in

Unleash the Fun with 35 Free Activity Ideas for your Family

Need help planning some fun family activities? We’ve got you covered with our free printable Fall Family Activity Calendar.

Enjoy More Free Printables

Explore our extensive collection of free printables and discover a world of creative possibilities in the worksheet library, a comprehensive online resource page featuring coloring pages and printables from across the web, we have something for everyone. We also have festival holiday printables for Christmas, Easter, St. Valentine’s Day, and beyond.


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