Free Thanksgiving Printables and Activities for Kids

Our collection of free printables for Thanksgiving offers a fun and educational way to keep your children entertained during the holidays. With a variety of engaging activities, from turkey-themed worksheets to fun games and cootie catchers, our printables provide hours of entertainment and learning opportunities.


  • Our Thanksgiving printables are designed to be printer-friendly and toner-efficient, making it easy for you to print them out and use them at home or in the classroom. Easily access the PDF files by clicking on the images below.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Activity Sheet

Free Printable Thanksgiving Activity Sheet

Our Thanksgiving activity printout is the perfect solution for keeping your kids entertained and off screens before Thanksgiving dinner. Packed with word searches, mazes, and more our activity sheet makes for the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving celebration.

Fall Activity Calendar – Download and plan 35 free things to do this Autumn

With 35 unique and exciting ideas, our calendar offers a variety of activities that are perfect for the autumn season. From pumpkin carving and making candy apples to cozy movie nights and outdoor adventures, our activity calendar has something for everyone. Simply download and print our calendar to start planning your fall activities today.

Cootie Catcher Template for Thanksgiving

This classic game is perfect for kids and adults alike, and our template makes it easy to play. Simply print out the template, color and decorate it to your liking, and then cut and fold it to create your very own cootie catcher. Inside, you’ll find a variety of Thanksgiving-themed jokes that are sure to keep you and your friends and family entertained.

Cootie Catcher Template for Kids - Spread Gratitude and Positivity

This template is designed to inspire and promote a mindset of gratitude and thankfulness. With prompts that encourage sharing, helping, caring, and doing, our cootie catcher encourages ways to help out, give back and share moments of positivity.

autumn bingo

Autumn Bingo For Kids

Our Autumn bingo game is perfect for family game nights, classroom activities, or birthday parties. Includes 30 unique playing boards and 1 calling card. Each board features colorful autumn-themed illustrations including animals, leaves, and pumpkins. The game is easy to play – simply use the calling card to call out the images and have players mark their corresponding spaces on their boards.

Watch Thanksgiving learning videos on our YouTube channel! We offer carefully prepared ‘made for kids’ content so you don’t have to worry about what your kids are watching.

Thanksgiving Trivia | 30 Quiz Questions and Answers

Autumn Alphabet Vocabulary Words from A to Z 

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